Agro-Top’s domain is production of high quality edible fats, in particular animal fats: goose, duck and pork lard. Our products also include several vegetable fats.
Our fats are valuable for many various features, remarkable quality and designed even for the most demanding different customers.

In addition, the company continuously invests in technological development in order to meet  the demands of manufacturers, distributors, and individual customers.

The quality of our products is confirmed with IFS Food certificate.

See our recipes

Tart with bacon and leek Goose fat Premium

Duck leg with hasselback potatoes and asparagus Beef Tallow, Duck fat Premium

Pan fried foie gras in goose fat, served with date cake Duck fat, Goose fat

Beef entrecote, served with baked potatoes, green asparagus in butter emulsion with porcini mushrooms Duck fat

Duck-heart stew cooked in a low temperature with duck fat Duck fat

Beef burger served with tomato paste, lettuce, red onion rings and quilted cucumber Goose fat, Duck fat

Baked potatoes with duck fat with fresh rosemary, garlic, salt, pepper and smoked peppers Duck fat

Chicken breast with bone and skin, cooked at low temperature with duck fat, thyme, garlic, salt and pepper, served with burned leek, grapes and mushrooms Duck fat

Duck breast fried from the skin on duck fat served with caramelized figs with cinnamon and white grapes stewed in white wine luction and vanilla grains Duck fat

Cooked octopus with duck fat griped with duck fat with garlic, served with black lens, cooked with lemon grass and caffe leaf, served with grilled tomato tomato yellow Duck fat

Goose breast fried from the skin on goose lard and baked in the oven, served with caramelized pear with anise and rosemary Goose fat

Slow-cooked beef served with roasted brocula with thyme, caramelized carrot and mushrooms Duck fat

Sous vide cooked salmon with duck fat Duck fat

Italian pork pork pork filled with dried tomatoes, black olives, oregano and garlic. Duck fat

Baked duck stilled with orange, reneta gray apple, onion and marjeranna, served with caramelized apple with rosemary and blood orange Goose fat

Goose leg configured in goose fat, served with butter potato cooked in butter-vegetable emulsion with parsley and fried borows on milk with garlic, shalloter and wine Goose fat

Duck leg confited in duck fat, served with antonna puree with cinnamon, plum stewed in red wine Duck fat