Duck fat Premium

Jar 320g

Duck fat is especially valued by restaurateurs and chefs. It has a higher smoke point than butter or olive oil, which easily facilittates cooking with higher temperatures. It does not burn and does not change the taste of a dish.
Our fat is made exclusively from Polish oat duck, reared in accordance with principles defined in 5 Freedoms Standard, as free range birds with access to fresh air. It has silky texture and subtle cream color. The duck fat reveals the best features when baking potatoes, frying egg dishes, preparing poultry products and as a supplement to soups. It is also an excellent fat  for preparation of fish and seafood and an indispensable addition to pâtés.

We offer duck fat chilled -2​​° C + 4° C or frozen -18° C.
Best before date:
– chilled in block- 12 months, in cup 200 g- 9 months from production date
– frozen- 24 months from production date

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