Our company 6 December 2022

Saint Nicholas day

Santa delivered almost 400 gifts for our employees using our reliable fleet of trucks!

Our company 22 September 2022

Goodbye to summer

How do you say goodbye to summer? We have prepared over 100 kilograms of delicious apples for our employees.

Our company 24 February 2022

Fat Thursday

Fat Thursday is a special day which we celebrate in a special manner. It is because the best and the most tasty treats are made on our products. This morning more than 300 pieces of verious kind of treats arrived to us.

Our company 15 December 2021

It’s been two years!

For two years already we have been providing a hot meal for each our employee while the working hours. We pay special attention to the quality of the food served every day, as our produtcs are delivered to the restaurant we cooperate with. A happy employee is an efficient employee!

Our company 10 December 2021

BRC and IFS certificate extension

BRC and IFS certificate extension Another year in a row we have positively passed the audit, this time an unannounced. The audit in the field of: Melting and confection of both edible animal fats without any additivies (pork, beef and poultry), and flavored fats with additivies (pork and game). Freezing of animal fat in block. […]

Our company 21 September 2021

Goodbye summer

We love summer and we do appreciate it for being. We always dream it will last as long as possible. We love it for the fact that it paints the world in yellow and blue for us, for the thought of holidays to come. Unfortunately today is the last day of summer but we say […]