CSR 21 March 2022

Solidarity with Ukraine

Once again we have supported activities to help Ukraine. On the First Day of Spring by our truck we have handed over around 500kg of products which will help our neighbours to survive in this difficult time.

CSR 11 January 2022

Hello in 2022

2022 we have started with a HELP to those who need a support. Our new products were delivered to peole who are in need of help. Althouh these products are not in sale yet we’re happy to share them because we give the best what we got.

CSR 6 December 2021

Noble Gift

For millions people, living in a poorness is a everyday life. Our employees went with the Szlachetna Paczka to a poor family. Washing machine, washing powder, diapers, sweets, clothes for children and food products for those where Santa would not have reached without our help. Let’s give a smile on their faces too. Today we […]

CSR 30 November 2021

Food bank

Flour, canned food and sweets are the most recommended for the Christmas Food Collection. Our Goose fat, one of the healthiest animal fat, has also found its place there. Give food to the poor people and give them strength to live!

CSR 18 November 2021

Support volleyball players

Sport has been with us for thousand years and always has given a lot of emotions. Many clubs largely owe their success and position to a funds obtained from sponsors. We have been supporting the local volleyball team KPS Siedlce for several years. We are happy to be with them and watch their matches.

CSR 19 October 2021

International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

Once again, we have decided to support the local society by supplying Caritas with both Agro-Top products and other articles. It is worth to get up from the desk and think how to help those who really need our help. Good comes back, memorize that.