Bloody, medium or baked? How do I make the perfect steak?

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Steak is the most frequently ordered type of meat in restaurants. With a little practice, we can learn to prepare it at home. You just need to remember a few basic rules. The first step is to choose good quality meat. The better the beef, the tastier the steak. If the steaks are kept in the refrigerator before frying, remember to remove them at least twenty minutes before putting them on the pan or grill. This avoids the inside being raw and the outside parched. Before the pan is hot, season the meat with salt and pepper.

How to fry steaks? A pan with a thicker bottom will work for this. This will ensure better heat distribution and easier temperature control. Meat placed in the pan should sizzle and be fried on each side for at least one and a half minutes. Remember that the length of frying also depends on the thickness of the steak. The thicker the steak, the more time it should spend on the fire. To obtain a well-done 4-centimeter-thick sirloin meat, it must be prepared for at least a quarter of an hour

Practice makes perfect. It is worth starting your adventure with steaks by preparing well-done meat, gradually reducing the frying time and raising the bar a bit. Preparing the perfect steak takes a bit of practice, but the skill will pay off quickly, allowing you to enjoy perfectly done meat. The perfect product to prepare a steak is Pork and Goose Fat.