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We specialize in purchasing beef, pork and poultry raw materials.

Our specialist cooperate with suppliers around Poland. With modern transport fleet we easily get to our clients. Due to increasing market’s demands we are looking for new, established suppliers.

We are looking for companies from beef, pork and poultry slaughter  infrastructure.

We offer favourable conditions of cooperation, guarantee stable and continuity of receipt with advantageous prices and payment conditions.

Purchasing department

Wet greaves

We buy chilled or frozen greaves after melting beef, pork or poultry fat.

Raw meat products

We are looking for pork and beef by-product:

  • Liver – liver or it parts. No gall bladders, excess of external fat
  • Lungs – Lungs or their parts, small parts of  thereof are allowed, no bloody lungs
  • Kidney -No external fat and blood
  • Pork spleen –  Maximum 5% of fat content

Poultry fat

We are looking for poultry fats (skin, flare fat, fatty components), clean, not sticky. Colour cream to yellow.

Pork fat

Fatty tissue should be white, slightly pink or light gray. The consistency should be soft to compact, dry, clean, not sticky, slightly perceptible moisture, not infused. Additionally, we are interested in caul – white fat tissue with a shade of pink or light gray, with no water content and without impurities.

Beef fat

The main raw material for production is raw beef tallow – fresh, chilled or frozen.

Fat can not be preserved. Colour of fatty tissue should be creamy to dark, matte or glossy. Consistency of the product from compact to brittle, dry, clean, not sticky, not infused, We are interested in kidney, pericardial or after deboning tallow without mechanical impurities.