Pork lard

Perfect quality animal fat produced in according to a traditional method. Made of the best quality fatty elements is a perfect base for frying, baking as well as an ingredient for sauces, soups and other meals. Our pork lard is also irreplaceable product for bakery and confectionery as an ingredient of cakes, pastries as well for frying doughnuts.

We offer pork lard in blocks -chilled -2​​° C + 4° C or frozen -18° C.
Best before date:
- chilled- in block 12 months, in cubes- 10 months from production date
- frozen- 24 months from production date

Retail- 200 and 250 g cube (custom packaging can be customized).
For catering and food producers we offer blocks of 10 kg, 12,5 kg, 20 kg