Our company

Agro-Top is a highly dedicated business partner, specializing in a vide variety of animal fats and meat products.
The company is focused on the highest quality products and services. It is assured through carefully selected raw materials from acknowledged and supervised suppliers and through constant investment in technological development. Agro-Top was founded in 1993 with the primary objective of collecting and melting pork raw material from Polish slaughterhouses for food industry. Agro-Top is headquartered in Poland in a small town Wiśniew with production plants in a picturesque village Kolonia Gręzówka where we employ a total of more than 200 employees.
For more than 20 years Agro –Top has produced, rendered and distributed animal fats what made the company an expert in this field. Agro-Top is also supplier of natural and fresh raw material for the pet food, feed, and biochemical industries. Customers include both Polish and international companies.
The company mission is to stay as a leader in the Polish market and to expand its business globally. Through our long term relations with customers, suppliers and modern technologies we are able to successfully meet  the requirements of all our business partners.
We provide our customers with a fully integrated service, which includes supporting new product development and providing highly specific supply solutions that meet demands from the companies behind  top brands in our industry. We have our own logistics capability what allows us to manage very efficiently our customers deliveries and receive goods from our suppliers in a timely manner.